Visiting Information

Gujarat is in the western region of India and is an independent state, being the home and birth place of the great national leader, Mahatma Gandhi, the state follows the Gandhian Principles and discourages consumption of meat and alcohol in public places. Infact consumption of alcohol and its service to locals is an offence, However, visitors from outside can consume alcohol subject to availing a licensed permit. To know more on how you can get your permit well in advance please visit

Ahmedabad and Gandhinagar has a lot of heritage and cultural and historical monuments, To enjoy the monuments and your excursion please exercise restraint and do not damage or litter at these monuments.

Given that Ahmedabad and Gandhinagar are the main cities of Guajarat, you may find a lot of commercial activity and also touts offering various facilities. Please do not entertain them. The Government has fixed rates for local surface transport and rail transport. Please use these websites to gain more information and avoid getting cheated or misled by these touts.

  • For Local 3 Wheeler Autos/ Tuk tuks/ Rickshaws please refer to
  • For Railway bookings please refer to
  • The climate in February in Ahmedabad is pleasant and Day Temperatures vary between 30? and 27?. Nights and Early Morning are colder and it would cause no harm if you had a cardigan or something similar to keep you warm
  • Take adequate health precautions. While there are many hospitals and nursing homes and doctors in Ahmedabad and Gujarat we would strongly advise you to take health precautions. Avoid any uncooked, raw and unprocessed foods. Incase you are feeling unwell or need urgent medical attention, PLASTINDIA 2018 site will have an emergency medical centre on site. Please go through the detailed venue layout to locate the Medical Centre

Being an urban city, There is no restriction on clothing, however keeping in mind the cultural value and the respecting the tradition please exercise restraint and avoid wearing clothes that would offend the sentiments of the locals.

Its advised to move around in a group, this is to ensure you that you always have help on hand and incase of emergency there is always some one to assist you.

Carrying too much cash is not recommended, Most establishment accept all forms of digital payments and ATMs are available every where.

Keep all your valuables at a safe place.Don't keep all your cash at one place.

  • PLASTINDIA 2018 APP enables you to plan your exhibition visit better and incase you haven't downloaded the APP, then please do so. This will help you plan the booths you wish to visit and also help you book mark them so that while you are at the exhibition venue you can refer to your APP and use that as navigation tool to go about visiting booths of your preference.
  • Decide how much time you want to spend at the show and then at each booth. Allow extra time for browsing, distractions and waiting in lines.
  • Find out who else from your company/ friend is going to the show and develop a plan to maximize your visit, especially at large shows.
  • Know what information you need to have from each exhibitor. You can easily make notes for each exhibitor on your APP and refer to the same during the show, thus enabling yourself to have a meaningful discussion.
  • Research different vendors to find out how they differ and what is most important to you. Then plan intelligent questions to ask them.
  • The APP also allows you to schedule and request for appointments/ visits with the exhibitors you really want to meet, However this meeting and confirmation is purely at the discretion of the exhibitor and based on his availability, PLASTINDIA 2018 cannot guarantee a meeting but only help facilitate.
  • Take plenty of business cards to avoid filling out forms. The APP also has a unique feature to scan the exhibitors booth QR code, this will allow you to digitally incorporate all the exhibitor's info on your email without having to collect cards or carry brochures
  • Make travel and hotel reservations early to maximize on discounted rates, The information is available on both the APP and Website and you may browse the same to make your choices
  • Plan the seminars/workshops/ concurrent events you want to attend. Split sessions with your colleagues to maximize data gathering.
  • Pre-register for the event and arrive 30 minutes before opening to avoid standing in long lines. For Online Registered Visitors, PLASTINDIA 2018 has special No Q counters at Gates 10-11, Gates 1, 2, 3. Use these gates to enter the exhibition ground and print your badges at the dedicated counters. All you will need is the email copy which has been sent to you post your online registration or the SMS (incase of Indian Visitors only) which also has a Unique Identification Number.
  • Revise your plan at the show. The show directory and schedule often changes several times before a show. Make sure you have updated your APP to get the latest information
  • Collect information that is of interest to you or that might interest others in your company. Request literature and samples be mailed instead of having to carry them with you.
  • Obtain a map of the city and know how to get to the convention center. Or download it here
  • Look for networking opportunities. Network with industry leaders. Get invited to exhibitors hospitality suites/ receptions. At workshops introduce yourself to people around you - hand out/collect business cards. Hook up with new contacts at mealtimes for added information
  • Skip overly crowded booths and plan to come at end of day when traffic is slower.
  • Check coats and bags so you don't have to drag them around with you.
  • Carry a pad and pen to jot down important notes, or have small tape recorder for note taking.
  • Take a break after a few hours to refresh and get some fresh air. Drink water regularly to avoid dehydration.
  • Write a trip report as you go along and summarize your notes every evening.
  • Leave the show about 30 minutes before closing to avoid long lines for busses and cabs.

After the Show:

  • Plan how you are going to implement information gathered.
  • Be prepared to follow-up after the show for literature and samples requests.